Autumn 2018 Hair Colour Trends

Autumn is full of bright colours and it inspires us to experiment with the colour of our hair too. We researched the latest hair trends, including those that appeared on NYFW this September, and summed it up for you. 

In few words, trendy hues of 2018 repeat the natural palette of fall – warm, rich and shiny. Rainbow colours are also having their moment and come in pastel shades as well as neon bright. The trendy highlights will remind us of our favourite autumn drinks – coconut mocha, pumpkin latte and caramel cappuccino. 

Toasted coconut 

Toasted coconut is a new softer take on ombre. This trendy colouring technique means combining rich dark brown roots, blonde highlights and icy ends. You can achieve this by lightening your hair and applying metallic silver hair dye on your ends. It’s an easy and low-maintenance way to go partly blonde having naturally dark hair. Emilia Clarke’s Emmys 2018 appeared is a great example of how to wear the regrown brown hair with a grace and style. 

Vintage pastels

During NYFW Marc Jacobs have chosen faded blues and greens, peachy sunset orange and candyfloss pink hair dyes to be the colours of his runway show. Jacob’s pastel hair matched bright outfits that were so surreal as if we were dreaming!

Platinum blonde

Even though icy blonde was the blonde shade of the year 2017, it still has its power this autumn. If you haven’t seen the latest Netflix “Maniac” and stunning Emma Stone platinum hair, you should! It’s a perfect example of how the cool toned hair can perfectly work with warm coloured autumn outfits. 

Neon Brights

During London Fashion Week Matty Bovan and Ashley Williams have transformed their models into crazy cartoon characters. Models wore a range of saturated hair colours: electric blue, bright orange, neon pink, acid green and rose gold

Red, at last.

With warmer tones being at the edge, red and copper feel the most natural during autumn. So if you wanted to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, red is your friend! Nicole Kidman and The Black Mirror star Bryce Dallas can be your inspo. If you already have this colour but it has faded, try Copper Brown Express Refresher. 

P. S. Apple has finally introduced copper hair emoji in iPhone iOS 12.1 earlier this week. They follow trends for sure 😉 

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Michael Rushby


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Happy hair colouring

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