How to restore your hair after the hot summer

Summertime is a beautiful and fun season for us, but perhaps not so much for our hair. By the end of the summer, we are left with split ends, tangles and destroyed hair colour. All that due to UV light, humidity and chlorinated water which are the enemies of good-looking and healthy hair.

When your hair is stressed, keep moisturised. For instance, leave deep conditioning hair masks for 30+ minutes or pop into your salon for a similar treatment.

For money and time saving, try leave-in hair products. Our Restore Protect and Style Hair Treatment is one of them, an affordable spray that you don’t need to rinse away. The treatment solves multiple problems at once: improves the structure, smoothens, adds elasticity and protects from the heat, so you can use your dryer safely.

How to maintain a perfect blonde tone

Seawater and chlorinated swimming pools turn your cool blonde colour into a brassy-yellow tone.

To keep your blonde bright and your hair healthy, add a conditioning toner to your haircare routine. The toner will make sure you have a perfect tone in-between appointments.

Smart Beauty toners nourish and restore damaged hair and provide a cool platinum or ash blonde tone. We added shea butter and wildflower extracts to make your hair hydrated and deeply conditioned. As a result, you get a shiny, healthy and natural looking blonde hair. 

Hot tip: protect the colour by soaking your hair in fresh water before you jump into a pool or the sea. Your hair can absorb a limited amount of water, and with such pre-soaking, it will consume fewer chemicals and salt that usually destroy the colour.

How to blow dry your hair without damaging it

It is generally recommended using lower temperatures on your dryer and to forget about a straightener for at least a month. If a healthy slow blow dry and air dry aren’t your things, it’s worth getting a heat-protection spray.

Blow Dry Express Stying and Treatment speeds drying, adds body and helps to keep the essential moisture. The spray creates a glossy finish and makes your blow-dry last longer.

Hot tip: wash your hair with lukewarm water to avoid additional dryness and prevent root breakage. Finish with colder (but not freezing) water to improve blood circulation and contribute to overall hair health. 

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