How to look younger by simply changing your hair colour

We are spending thousands on anti-ageing skin products to look younger but forget about the hair routine. The unhealthy-looking hair, wrong colour and unflattering haircut may be reasons why we look older than our age. Read on to find out how to what colour to choose and what to avoid. 

Does Blonde Hair Make You Look Younger?

It does indeed! Warm blonde tones such as honey, gold, caramel and strawberry blonde can take years off your face. If you are a natural blonde, try a toner that contains moisturising ingredients to make your hair more youthful. For instance, our Honey Blonde Intensive Conditioning Toner with shea butter and wheat extracts will not only leave you with a lovely warm honey tone but also restore your hair’s health and vibrancy.

Yellow tones, however, would make anyone look older. So to fix brassy colour and get back your cool blonde tone try Platinum Blonde Conditioning Toner Cream. It will remove an orange tone and make your hair natural-looking, bright and shiny. 

If you’re a brunette and brown hair colour reflects your personality, just add some golden hues. Face-framing blonde highlights or a few caramel strands throughout the hair, will soften your features and brighten up the skin. As another option, try blonde balayage – a multi-dimensional colouring technique that makes your hair look voluminous and therefore younger.

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Healthy pastel metallics

Young hair is healthy hair – strong, silky and shiny. Metallic hair dyes moisturise hair cuticle during colouration so you get softer and healthier mane. And because it’s metallic, it adds a lot of shine and makes your hair so lively and vibrant! With this dye type, you can even try Metallic silver pastels. For even more youthful and trendy look consider Metallic lilac. Guarantee your colleagues will not recognise you!

What hair colour ages you?

Pastel pink hair colour

Generally, these colours will make anyone appear older: black, cool dark brown, fiery red, yellow blonde, mousy blonde and dark grey. There’s a common opinion that platinum blonde and silver hair dye age you, but we don’t believe so. If your hair is healthy, shiny and matches your skin tone, any hair colour will make you look fresh. Just remember to bleach your hair safely and have an appropriate aftercare. 

To look young means to feel young! So enjoy your life, do what you love and have fun. 

Metallic hair colour

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