Julia Roberts’ new Metallic Rose Gold hair

When we think about Julia, we imagine a beautiful tall lady with a big smile and wearing one of the classy hair colours, such as honey blonde, rich brown or copper red. But this time the 51 years old actress decided to try something different and surprised everyone with her new metallic rose gold hair. Roberts has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show earlier this week dressed in a chic pink suit that matched her hair colour. While Julia is still a golden blonde, she has now added some hand-painted layers of rose gold balayage that make her look even younger than before.

She has revealed that this hair was a part of her Halloween Flamingo costume. Julia added that it was a temporary hair colour but it stayed longer than expected, and she loved this accidental pink hair transformation. Metallic Rose gold is a fun glowing hue that is not too crazy, so it won’t break your office dress code. Besides, you can match it with your favourite clothes of any colour. If you’re up for trying something new, have a look at the Smart Beauty Metallic hair colour range which is perfectly safe as it has the nio-active formulation that hydrates the hair and makes it healthy and shiny.

Some celebrities preferred the braver version of pink, for example, Jonah Hill has appeared on his Instagram with a Carmine Pink hair colour and so did the American rising star Kiersey Clemons. It seems that a pink tint refuses to go away this year and promises to stay trendy in 2019.

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