No bleach hair colour ideas for brunettes

When Autumn arrives and brings along cool, crisp weather, we want to try darker and more intense hair colour shades. Yet, there aren’t many options for ladies with brown hair that don’t require lightening. Luckily, Fall 2019 brought 3 pretty bleach-free hair colours for brunettes to try right now! 


Autumn colours everything into red, orange and golden hues, that why amber hair tones are so perfect for this time of the year. The trending shade of red of Fall 2019 is Ginger Beer Hair Colour. It’s the mix of copper, red and brown hues, but more on the brown side rather than red.

You can easily get ginger beer hair by applying one or two packs of amber hair dye directly to your medium brown hair. This is a great hair colour idea for brunettes because you don’t have to lighten your hair, plus the amber hair dye is built with the nio-active technology that prevents hair from damaging, leaving it smooth and soft.

According to Allure Magazine, amber and copper hair colours add warmth and dimension and it’s a great match for your autumn knit sweaters and cosy warm jackets.  


This season’s favourite brown hair shade is inspired by popular coffee drink. It’s a dark, ashy brown colour called Espresso Brown. Think of Femme Fatales’ Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid cool brown hair colour – that’s the one! Unlike the unnatural hues, this colour requires no bleaching even if your hair is black. Are you looking for espresso brown hair colour inspiration? Look at some of the cutest variations below:

What do Jessie J and Jenna Dewan have in common apart from their partner Channing Tatum? That’s right, both have stunning espresso brown hair colour that makes them look just like sisters.Espresso Brown hair is a low maintenance hair colour that you can easily revive by using colour boosts and refreshers. 


The dark purple hair colour is the autumn version of pastel lavender and lilac we had in the summer. It’s edgy and mysterious, a great match for the moody fall weather and your darker outfits. There are plenty of shades to choose from but our favourite is the Amethyst Purple hair colour. It looks incredible with major trending hairstyles including braids and waves that are so loved by purple-haired celebrities Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Katy Perry.

You will be surprised to know that dark purple hair is easy to maintain. Invest in a good sulfate-free shampoo and you’re sorted. Besides, the dark purple is fading beautifully into muted lilac, which could be fun to wear too!

Deep rich purple is one of the few colours you can apply to brown hair without lightening it first. Also, unlike other creative hair dyes, amethyst purple is a calm and royal colour that will spice up your brown hair without looking too crazy. 

Michael Rushby


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