90s chunky highlights are back thanks to Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian

The 90’s chunky highlights are making a comeback thanks to Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian. Inspired by Rachel Green and Ginger Spice blonde highlights, famous hairstylists are embracing this nostalgic hair and transforming it into the new look. Scroll ahead to see the stylish chunky highlights and try this retro colouring technique yourself.

The new chunky highlights

The 90’s highlights are streaky layers of blonde hair à la Buffy. In 2019, colourists started moving away from balayage and started experimenting with bolder looks. They created the new chunky highlights that are more subtle and blended than the original, but also very fun and stylish.

How to get chunky highlights at home

No need to go to the expensive salon, get chunky highlights at home using the Highlights Kit for just £2.49 while it’s on sale. It contains powder, developing cream, highlighting cap (no holes) and a brush with a hook – exactly what you need to create 90’s highlights without foil. It’s permanent and free from PPD – enjoy your highlights for a long time with no risk. Add blonde toner on top to get the modern look. We have seen chunky highlights trend spreading all over Instagram, and now celebrities like Kim Kardashian are trying this look too. The Cosmopolitan magazine stated that that “Kim Kardashian single-handedly brought chunky highlights back from the dead”. Some prefer a subtler look. Blonde face-framing highlights can soften facial features and make your skin look brighter and healthier. 

Hairline bleach

Another variation of chunky highlights is a hairline bleach. It’s a strong, dramatic look that takes its origin from 90’s confident women such as Spice Girls and Drew Barrymore. You can try this hair colouring technique with any colour, even if your hair is black or red. Lighten the 2/3 or half of your hair starting with the front and finish with a toner. 

If you are feeling more creative, apply candy floss pink hair dye on top of your hair or try pink highlights kit

Still wondering how to get chunky highlights at home? Try our blonde highlights kit and create this look in one simple step. Shop chunky blonde highlights, blue highlights or plum highlights at a discounted price £2.49 until the end of this week.

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