How to get your best festival hair in 2018

Festivals give us the chance to be adventurous with our looks. Fun festival clothing and a bright makeup will make you stand out from the crowd, but hair shouldn’t be boring either. Get creative and experiment with hairstyles, temporary colour sprays, glitter and accessories.

While Glastonbury is having a “fallow year”, there are plenty of other UK music festivals to enjoy. From famous Bestival (London Grammar, M.I.A), Creamfields (FatboySlim, Tiesto) and British Summer Time Hyde Park (Bruno Mars) to the smaller happenings like Standon Calling (George Ezra), Blisscamp (Cold Panda) and Boardmasters (The Chemical Brothers). 

Festival hair trends 

Image credits Instagram @tashatripphair @amikafi

After seeing the fashion looks at Coachella 2018, it seems that the colourful French Braids and Princess Leia Buns with Glitter roots is the thing this year. As for colours, Strawberry Blonde is still the most popular shade during the festival season. Play with hair colours using wash-out colour sprays – they are safe and easy to apply and remove. Try Electric Blue and Dark Pink to shock your friends and be the brightest star!

How to use temporary hair colour spray 

1. Choose your temporary hair colour
2. Cover your festival outfit (put a towel on your shoulders)
3. Comb your hair
4. Separate the sections you don’t want to colour with a clip or elastic.
5. Spray Smart Beauty temporary hair colour (15-20 cm away).
6. For a deeper and more saturated colour, spray it on for longer.
When you want to remove the colour or try another one, just wash your hair as normal. 

Mermaid Hair 

Image credits Instagram @blackhair_flair @alearauz

Mermaid Hair is for sure the new festival aesthetic! How to create mermaid hair at home? We don’t recommend using semi-permanent dyes as it may be too difficult and take a long time. Instead, get different temporary colours and apply it on separate strands. Try mixing Passion Plum and blue for the start, or add Emerald Green for more depth. 

Festival Hair Glitter 

Image credits, Instagram @lullabelzuk

Remember how you used a glitter hairspray to sparkle at your graduation? Or at least googled the old Spice Girls photoshoots to get the 90’s inspiration? Well, Silver and Gold Glitter sprays are back for another summer. The coolest way to wear hair glitter is on your roots. Add hair piercing (accessories, for instance, metal rings) and a striking festival makeup to make your look even cooler. 

Temporary blonde highlights

Image credits, Instagram @kelsforbeauty

If you aren’t a fan of the crazy hair but still want to try something funky, then Sun Bronze, Beach or Platinum Blonde temporary hair colours may be your cup of tea. These sprays will work perfectly on blondes and slightly lighten dark hair.  

Whatever you choose, just remember that hair colour is temporary, but your memories will last forever. Enjoy your summer and make the most of it!

Michael Rushby


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