The best hair colour refresher at home, In just 3 minutes

Have you recently coloured your hair and noticed it fast fading and looking a bit dull? This problem can be solved by trying our range of hair colour refreshers. We offer a whole list, from the brightest Ash Blonde, to the darkest, richest Warm Brown colour. But it’s not just for those of you who have gone for more conventional colours, as we also offer refreshers for vibrant pure purple and instant rich red tones.
Our express-colour range is perfect for people who want to extend the time between the salon visits, and is great for anyone who doesn’t want the commitment of permanent colour. Are you thinking, but why do I have to refresh my hair colour, I never see celebrities using them?
A lot of celebrity stylists and colourists will tell you, that even the most hair savvy celebs have to use refreshers for their hair. This is because many celebrities go through a whole range of colours –very few stick to just one!
Therefore, they may opt to go for the stress-free option of refreshers which will brighten and change their hair tone but can easily wash out by shampooing with baby shampoo or clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo. The refreshers are ready to go in three minutes and we suggest you could even use them weekly as they not only brighten your current colour, but they give your hair a conditioning treat.
They bind to the surface of your hair, smoothing out the roughness caused by the sun, water and heat, and gently add colour, leaving your hair feeling smooth and silky, and looking glossy and shiny.
How to colour your hair at home