Smart Beauty Hair Highlights Collection Highlights & Ombre Kits Get highlighted and dip-dye hair at home with our handy kits that include everything you need.

Highlights are often associated with summer. Adding a few blonde streaks to your hair helps to boost the overall tone of your hair, making it brighter and lighter without changing the whole of your hair. It is an option worth considering as well if you want to spice up your hair by not going all out on vibrant hair colours, but to add a little bit of excitement.
Have a scroll now and you will see that Smart Beauty offers highlights in colours such as a cool blonde, carmine pink, pure purple, electric blue, and a plum colour.
Lots of celebrities go for the most popular blonde highlights, such as Gigi Hadid, Beyonce, Sofia Vergara, the list goes on. There are also braver celebrities who dare to add that pop of colour. The actress Sophie Turner was spotted at a festival with some cute pink highlights in her hair and added some fun to her already beautiful white blonde hair. Kelly Osborne definitely wouldn’t be recognisable without the purple hues in her hair, we think she rocks them! We know Kylie Jenner has changed her hair to every colour in the rainbow, but we think that she should return to those flattering blue elements in her luscious locks. Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall was for a very long time known as the plum queen as her naturally rich dark brown hair was enhanced with plummy undertones. How to colour your hair at home?
All the Smart Beauty highlight products work as a two-step process The first involves hair lightening for 20-60 minutes’ development time, and then the application of the colour is another 20-30 minutes development time. Our products last up to 30 washes, and can also be refreshed before then.  View Colour Refreshers collection.