How to dye your hair at home without damaging it? We found an ingredient for safe hair dying!

If your hair’s health wasn’t an issue, would you change your colour more often? Or would you pick an unusual hair colour for just a month? A safe hair dye does exist! We’ve discovered a dreams-come-true ingredient that allows changing hair colour without damaging the hair. How to colour your hair at home?

What is Add-plex and how it works

During colouring, bleach and colour break hair bonds. These are the layers that hold together your keratin proteins and build a strong hair structure. If your structure was already weak, you’ll get porous and dry hair after the colouring.

Luckily, hair scientists developed a treatment called Add-plex that can be added to a dye to prevent hair damage. It contains active components that penetrate into hair and cover it with a protective layer, so harsh chemicals can’t break it.  View Blonde collection

Remember that feeling and look of freshly-coloured hair? Smooth, silky and moisturised. Shortly after, the hair becomes dry and dull again. This won’t happen with Add-plex, because it gives deep long-lasting hydration. When you are dying your hair with Add-plex, bleach will absorb the same amount of moisture from your hair as always, only this time you will have a lot of it left.

Results? A shiny and soft hair with strong inner support.

We’ve improved our products and filled it with Add-plex

The DIY colouring process is complex enough to add another step to it. That is why we decided to simplify your life and started adding Add-plex to our products. Now you can change your colour at home as often as you want without fear of damage. 

We’ve started with Metallic Hair Colours and added Add-plex to all metallic shades. The Metallics are popular among celebrities and Instagram influencers, especially grey hair colour. Lady Gaga knew how to get grey hair and painted hers in metallic silver just a few weeks before going blue for Golden Globes.

American model Iskra Lawrence swapped her blonde look for a trendy dark grey hair colour:

More safe hair dyes coming soon…

After a long work and research, we’ve decided to drop 7 new shades this spring, all built on Addplex formulation. The range will include various shades of black, brown, purple, red and copper that are harmless for your hair.

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Here’s a little treat for reading this article till the end: 

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