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Baby Blue Pastel Hair Dye. In other words, Smart Beauty provides a world-class product with unique characteristics. Smart Beauty has been delivering high-quality products and a beautiful range for hair and beauty care. Find more of our innovative product range.

For full head application (To clarify Thick or hair longer than 20cm may need two packs)
As a result, Permanent Blue Hair Dye giving perfect grey coverage, and lasting up to 28 washes.
Most importantly Suitable for Vegans.
Creates an instant pretty Baby Blue Pastel Hair Dye colour on very light blondes or pre-lightened hair (A nice alternative to our bright Electric Blue)

Use Ultimate Bleach-it to pre-lighten; specially designed for pastel colours
Baby Blue Pastel Hair Dye Adds intensive conditioning, leaving hair soft and shiny
20-30 minutes development time, as stated on the instructions, depending on the result you wish to achieve.
Lasts up to 4-5 shampoos
Blue Hair Dye is easy and safe to use, a one-step application process
Free from ammonia, peroxide, parabens, and p-Phenylenediamine (PPD)
How to colour your hair at home?
View Semi-Permanent Hair Colour collection.

How to achieve a vibrant Baby Blue Pastel Hair olour? (To clarify Full instructions provided in the pack)
Firstly Start with an unwashed hair
Secondly Always do a skin and strand test
Thirdly Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into 4 sections, front to back and ear to ear
Wearing gloves is very important, and after that empty the tube of colour cream into the application bottle and shake until thoroughly mixed.
Apply to each section evenly, and swiftly, using the nozzle
Comb through and allow time to develop (Max. time 30 minutes)
Rinse thoroughly, and wash with colour safe shampoo
In short Rinse until the water runs clear, dry, and style your hair.

Smart Beauty Baby Blue Pastel Hair Dye Blue-hair-dye is the UK’s no1 for no ammonia. Ammonia free for a pleasant smell . The Smart beauty product enriches your hair's natural beauty and visibly improves your hairs look and feel. Follow the instruction leaflet and read the safety information. Be colour safe.

How to Use

How to colour your hair with Baby Blue Pastel Hair Dye (Full instructions provided in pack)
Start with naturally light blond or bleached hair (use our Ultimate Bleach which is specifically designed for our pastels)
Always do a skin and strand test
Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into 4 sections, front to back and ear to ear
Wearing gloves provided, use the application brush to apply colour evenly from root to tip
Comb through, cover with cling-film and allow time to develop (Max. time 30 minutes)
Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and style


Baby Blue Pastel Semi-permanent Hair Colour in
50ml Tube
Pair of protective Gloves
A good quality application brush
Detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions


How will I achieve a vibrant Baby Blue colour on dark hair? You will need to pre-lighten your hair to very light blonde before applying this colour; we recommend using Smart Beauty Bleach-it Hair Lightener. If my hair is yellowish blonde, do I need to re-bleach it? Yes, you will, for example, pastel blue on yellowish blonde would result in green hair. Should I bleach my dirty blond hair if I want to dye it a pastel colour? Yes, you should. If you try to dye it pastel now, you will either end up with a darker colour or a muddy colour. If your hair is NOT light blonde or pre-lightened to a light blonde then the colouring process may not give the desired result. How many packs do I need? If your hair is thick or long, two packs may be required How long should I wait after bleaching to add pastel colour? You can do colour right after, for best results apply to dry hair. How do I do colour streaking? To create colour tips or streaks, pre-lighten portions of hair and then apply Smart Beauty vibrant colour to the pre-lightened areas only. How long is the development time? Approx. 10-30 minutes. How long will the colour last? Depending on your hair type and condition, the colour will last for 3-10 washes. How do I refresh the colour? Simply reapply the colour to clean dry hair, following the instruction in the pack. Can the colour come out easily? For best results a bleach bath.

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