ash blondes

Ash Blonde Hair Colouring

Ash blonde is the lightest, whitest tone of blonde that is guaranteed to keep your head cool, especially in the summer heat. Ash blonde blends the beautiful chilly bluey-grey hues with a natural bright blonde tone. It’s a flattering shade on an array of skin tones, face shapes and eye colours, so what’s not to like?

If this hasn’t already convinced you enough to make the move then the following people have recently gone ash and we love it, so you should too.
(These celebrities are for illustration purpose only and have no connection with Smart Beauty)

Jennifer Lawrence
was one of the first to branch out into ash blonde, and the Hunger Games actress’s shimmery silver hair looks incredible.

A fellow ash blonde lover is Cara Delevingne. This hair colour looks particularly striking on the model/actress due to her dark eyebrows and almond shaped, green eyes, which creates an impressive contrast to the icy blonde hue.

Taylor Swift
is yet another celebrity who has been rocking the sandy grey ash hues for a long time, and she likes to bring the colours out when she’s on stage by complimenting it with bright red lipstick.

If you’ve decided that you are ready to go for the full ash; then below are the Smart Beauty Ash Blonde products available to you.
When you use the products always remember to start with unwashed hair, and do a strand test to check for an allergic reaction. Also divide your hair into four sections, front to back and ear-to-ear, and don’t forget to wear gloves when applying the product, full directions are on the product packets.