5 Unusual Red Hair Dyes To Try in 2019

Red hair dye is back to fashion! Want proof? A singer and a fashion icon Rihanna has coloured her hair velvet red for the BET awards last week, and everybody loves it! Friends and fans bombarded Rihanna with fun comments on Instagram: “The name of this hair colour is ‘Rihed’”, “I don’t think I’m ever getting over this color”, “Ginger Rih is my faaaav!”. Scroll down to see Rihanna’s new hair colour!

Will red hair colour suit you? Red hair will make you stand out from the crowd, so if you’re more of an introvert, it may be not for you. Instead, consider softer shades such as Rose Gold or Strawberry Blonde. But if you don’t mind the attention, we have good news for you – red hair colour can go with any skin tone, all you need to do is to choose the right shade

Since red is summer’s hottest hair colour, we found 5 most beautiful shades of red to inspire you.

1. Hollywood Permanent Red Hair Dye

Hollywood Red is posh and luxurious, it’s especially flattering for the medium skin tone and brunettes like Lily Collins who try red for the first time. 

2. Rich Plum Permanent Hair Dye

Rich Plum is a mixture of red and violet, it’s more cool-toned than the classy Hollywood red. Light, medium and dark skin will look especially beautiful with Rich Plum hair colour. 

3. Deep Amber Permanent Copper Hair Dye

Deep Amber hair is very popular among celebrities. A mixture of Copper and Auburn, the Deep Amber hair colour is just a bit brighter than a natural ginger hair. This colour suits fair-skinned ladies with pink and yellow undertones such as the “Riverdale” star Madelaine Petsch and “Doctor Who” actress Karen Gillan.

4. Intense Red Semi-permanent Hair Dye

Go bold or go home! The Intense Red hair colour resembles the Little Mermaid and suits ladies with fair and dark skin tones. Flirty, romantic and creative, what a colour!

5. Red Velvet Permanent Hair Dye

Cooler in tone than burgundy, Red Velvet is a perfect hair colour when you want to stand out, but also don’t need to go too bright. When applied on dark hair, you will get Rihanna’s look, and blondes will have a pink undertone in their hair – both options are pretty!

Not sure how to maintain a vibrant colour? Use Colour Refreshers to dye your hair less often and therefore keep it healthier and save on hair colouring. 

Browse all red hair dyes and choose the one suits you the best. 
Smart Beauty Red hair dye permanent and Red hair dye semi permanent are available from this website. Our red hair dye is no longer available from Superdrug.
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