What Hair Colour Will Suit Me? Find The Best Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

If you’re dyeing your hair the same colour for years, maybe it’s time to try something new! But first, you need to discover what hair colour will suit you best. Your skin tone and undertone should help you with your choice!

How to Find The Best Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Skin TONE is the shade of your skin. It may be fair, light, medium or dark. Each of the tones will also have an UNDERTONE – cool, warm or neutral.

Cool undertones are bluish, pink and ruddy.

Warm undertones are peachy, golden and yellow.

Neutral is a combination of cool and warm undertones.

Bear in mind, medium skin doesn’t have to be warm. For example, you may have medium skin with a cool undertone or fair skin with a warm undertone, and the other way around.

How to find your skin tone? Just look at your wrist – if your veins are purple and blue, your skin undertone is cool. Green veins indicate warm skin. And if you have a combo of purples and greens you might be neutral. 

While choosing a hair colour, it’s recommended to pick a shade that’s opposite to your skin undertone. So for example, if you have warm skin, then icy blonde and cool pastels will look best on you. And if your skin is fair and cool, you may consider going caramel blonde or warm brown for the best results. And yet, everyone is different and you may have to break the rules sometimes 🙂

Blonde hair colours for every skin tone

Fair skin with red undertone: platinum blonde, metallic silver, ash blonde, champagne hair colour

Fair skin with cool undertone: honey blonde, strawberry blonde, caramel highlights. Try also ash blonde if your eyes are grey or blue.

Light skin: both cool and warm, such as golden, caramel, honey blonde as well as platinum, icy and silver.

Medium skin: golden hues look best on such skin, try caramel blonde, strawberry or honey.

Dark skin: honey and caramel blonde, dark blonde and amber.

Brunette hair colours for every skin tone

Fair skin: brunette shades with red tones such as mahogany brown.

Light skin: milk chocolate, cinnamon, golden brown and cinnamon and mahogany brown, copper brown.

Medium skin: rich chocolate, caramel brown, ash brown, chestnut, dark mocha, sapphire black.

Dark skin: espresso brown, dark mocha, rich chocolate, pure black, brown-black.

Red hair colours for every skin tone

Fair skin with neutral undertone: a mix of cool and warm hues. Strawberry, copper, Red Velvet

Fair skin with cool/red undertone: Vibrant Red, dark auburn, burgundy

Light skin: deep amber, strawberry blonde, copper.

Medium skin: Hollywood Red, dark auburn, burgundy

Dark skin: Intense Red, Red Velvet, dark auburn, burgundy.

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