How to dye your hair bright red or copper red.

November 15, 2017

How to dye your hair bright red or copper red.

What you need to know

Why does red hair colour fade quickly?

The red hair molecule is the largest of the dye molecules, next to blue

If your hair is naturally in good condition or you use loads of serums, conditioners and styling products, then you will be surprised to know this does not help the cause. Dye molecules need to grip the hair.

Don’t get phased out though, there’s a simple solution, use a good quality clarifying shampoo to really clean your hair before application, if you do not have one, then mix a bit of washing up liquid with your normal shampoo, yes it really works.

How to get a bright red or copper with dark hair without bleach?

Have recently been scanning YouTube and found loads of video on how to get bright red or copper on dark hair without using bleach. Then these YouTubers go on and show you how they mix developer with cream colour. Wake up girls, what do you think the developer is? It's peroxide (bleach).

Now there is nothing wrong with using bleach to lighten your hair, if you follow the instructions and take care, it has been done for years. These bleaching kits come in different strengths, 12% (our Bleach-it) for dark hair and going down to 6% for dark blondes (Our Total Blonde), check or ask before you buy.

If you apply the colour straight after you lightened your hair, the colour will last longer, however, you do run the risk of permanently staining your hair.

One final point about lightening your hair, always do a strand and sensitivity test before application.

How long do you want it to last?

One night, a few weeks or maybe permanently. I am always amazed when taking a customer helpline request on customers’ expectations. I recently had a customer who was convinced that when she had enough of the red hair, she could simply wash it off and return to her natural hair colour in one shampoo. Another could not understand why the red hair colour would fade, even though her daily swimming routine was a prerequisite to going to work.  

For red or copper hair dye to last, the colour molecules must stay in the hair for permanent colours or on the surface of the hair for temporary or semi-permanent products.

Use a good quality shampoo, designed for colour hair, we do individual sachets of colour care shampoo. 

How to refresh the red and copper hair colour?

When your red or copper hair colour starts to fade, which it will use our vibrant red or copper colour boost between treatments or our fabulous express~colour range of reds and coppers. You will not need to use an additional conditioner, as this is already built into the products. You will get 4-6 applications from one bottle, depending on how long or thick your hair is.

Cautionary Notes

Please remember, that temporary or semi-permanent dyes can rub off on clothing and bedding when recently applied.


Hope this helps achieve great results, if you have any questions, drop us an email


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